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Bourgoin Cognac

Bourgoin Cognac is a unique cognac product made with a true artisan winemaker's philosophy. The family estate is located in the beautiful medieval village of Tarsac in France's Saint Saturnin municipality in the Charente region. 

The Bourgoin product is the result of a unique synthesis of four worlds: human, mineral, animal and vegetable. The team of talented men and women work tirelessly every day of the year - in sometimes unfavourable weather conditions - to bring the essence of the terroir to bottle.

The cognacs are non-filtered and have no added sugar, caramel or oak chips. The philosophy behind this is to deliver a true cognac taste with an artisanal, organic and small-batch approach. 

We can thank Muguette, Maëlys, Nathalie, Mélanie, Alain, Frédéric, Jean-Paul, Stéphane, Jean-Christophe, François and Romain for their unwavering passion for the land. The Bourgoin family works hard to make sincere and honest cognacs that reflect key elements of the terroir. 

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