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Comando G

Comando G Mixed Pack


Over the last 10 years, Fernando García and Dani Landi have tracked down ancient Spanish vineyards that were only legends, only whispered about in taverns or in the fields. They befriended local farmers in the Sierra de Gredos and earned their trust and respect.

They were drawn to the windswept and almost abandoned Sierra de Gredos terroir – high altitudes, freely draining soils, as well as a mild and relatively humid climate. Though not an easy terroir for winemaking, Daniel and Fernando wanted to explore to the mountainous terrain, determined to refine the area’s traditionally “workhorse” Garnacha grape into their own unique product.

 Each Comando G Mixed Pack includes

2 X Uvas de La Ira 2018 - a serious and profound red, fresh and very fruit-driven, with spicy hints of pepper, mineral and faintly balsamic.

2 X La Bruja de Rozas 2018 - Comando's entry-level Garnacha with flavours of blackcurrent, blackberries and red fruit mingling with subtle herbs and spice. 

2 X Rozas 1er Cru 2018 - a fresh, succulent juicy red fruit red, whose depth is balanced by bright minerality on the palate and firm tannins.