Rimarts Cava

Brothers Ernest and Ricard named their winery Rimarts as an homage to their late father Ricard Martínez de Simón, a pioneer of handcrafted Cava wine from 1987.

Working in the town of San Sadurni, Ernest and Ricard have maintained the traditional winemaking methods of their father to produce some of the most exciting Cavas of the DO. To make their signature product, they plant Macaque, Chardonnay, Parellada and Xarel.lo. 

Their philosophy values quality over quantity, with under 80,000 bottles produced each year, all aged for a minimum of 15 months. Ernest and Ricard use highly artisanal and organic winemaking methods, disgorging each bottle by hand with the help of their mother. The three of them work on the conveyor belt together, producing each bottle with love and care.  You have to see hand disgorgement to believe how laborious and difficult it really is. You need a keen eye, and a thick thumb!

While they maintain tradition in their winemaking, Ernest and Ricard have managed to make Rimarts an exciting and contemporary brand, using eye-catching label designs innovative practices. Visitors are also welcome to tour the Rimarts winery, making for an exciting travel destination.