The Future of Spanish Wine

Today's Spanish wine couldn't be more exciting.

There is a new generation of winemakers who are taking the best of traditional viticulture and combining this with an expanded view of the tremendous potential that lies within the terroir, the grapes and themselves.

Whether toiling in emerging regions, or tackling the establishment in well-known D.O.'s, this farsighted group is creating an ethos that is sure to impact generations to come.

Whether working with indigenous varieties, re-establishing lost vines or introducing new grapes that are ideal for their vineyards, minimal intervention is preferred, as the wines are aged with little or no new oak, in concrete vats, or amphorae.

These transparent, authentic wines appeal especially to adventurous wine drinkers of all ages who are more willing to experiment with regions and varieties that are unknown to them.

They want a new experience. They want to taste the vineyard in the wine. They want to be surprised and delighted by the next great winemakers who respect the past, while keeping a steadfast eye on the future.