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Selected Mixed Cases

Cosecha Imports offers curated mixed cases of low-intervention wines from incredible boutique Spanish wineries in our portfolio.

Our mixed cases are hand-selected collections of unique wines you won't find at the LCBO. The wines are a true reflection of the terroir and place they are made, with each glass telling a story.

With easy online selection and contactless delivery service to your door, it’s easy to skip the line at the LCBO and discover delicious wines from Spain and beyond.


Luis Anxo Rodriguez Cosecha Imports

Humble, focused and passionate - Luis Anxo Rodriguez knows the Ribeiro winemaking region better than just about anyone. He has been quietly crafting show-stopping natural wines around the town of Arnoia since 1988.
His mission is to showcase the enormous potential of native grape varieties such as Treixadura, Lado, Ferrol, Caiño Longo, Caiño Redondo, and Brancellao. His wines are muscular, yet ethereal and elegant, with great intensity of flavour. 
Each Luis Anxo Rodriguez mixed pack includes..

2 x A Torna Dos Pasas 2017 - a delicate and fresh blend of Brancellao, Caiño and Ferrol. Very complex both on the nose and on the palate. This red stands out for its balance between fresh red fruits, balsamic notes and a mineral background.
2 x Viña de Martin Os Pasás 2018 - a light and fresh blend of mostly Treixadura with Lado, Albariño, and Torrontes.  Beautiful structure and subtle flavours of citrus, honey, and seashell minerality. 
1 X A Teixa 2017 a single-vineyard white blend of mostly Treixadura, Godello and Albariño. Aromatic, lush, and textured with notes of honeysuckle and sea salt – a lovely and quite serious vino branco. 
1 X Viña de Martin Escolma Ribeiro 2015 - a white blend of Treixadura, Albariño, Torrontés and Lado, sourced from very old vines that produce very limited yields. A mature, powerful and mineral wine, with great balance between freshness and maturity.



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Goyo Garcia Viadero Cosecha Imports

Tasting one of Goyo García’s wines is like taking a delightful trip back in a winemaking time machine. Goyo is a descendant of one of the most well-respected winemaking families in the Ribera de Duero region, and the talented  genes have definitely been passed on.   
All of Goyo's wines are de-stemmed, fermented exclusively with wild yeast, and nothing is added during elevagé (including SO2). The wines are raised in old French barrels at an underground, century-old cueva located in Gumiel del Mercado.
This method has become somewhat of a trend for more contemporary winemakers. For Goyo, it has been his tried and true way of doing things since he began making wine back in the 80’s. He uses these traditional winemaking methods in order to express a flavour profile that reflects the overall vineyard rather than the individual grape varietal.
Enjoy 6 bottles of Goyo's finest natural wines for including 
2X Joven Vinas Viejas 2018 - juicy red with intense aromas of red and black fruits
2X Garcia Georgieva Graciano 2018 - a bold, acid-driven and juice-laden red made with 100% Graciano that will undoubtedly command your attention. 
1X Garcia Georgieva Malvasia 2019 - a delicious single-variety white made with 100% Malvasia grapes.
1X Garcia Georgieva Albillo 2019 - a delicious white blend of Albillo and Malvasia grapes with a complex and intense nose that offers floral and citrus notes, hints of high mountain herbs.



Celler Pardas Cosecha Imports
Celler Pardas is an exciting natural wine project from Catalonian producers Jordi Annan and Ramon Parera, who founded the Celler Pardas winery in 1996. 
Jordi and Ramon work in the Alt Penedes region and focus on preserving the balance and health of their land. They winemakers farm their grapes organically and without irrigation, and aim to work in harmony with
The Celler Pardas Mixed Pack focuses on the incredible white wines made by the winery using the indigenous Xarel-lo grape.
Each Pardas Summer Mixed Pack at includes
3 X Blau Cru 2018 - an aromatic and mineral white with notes of white peach, lemon and flowers 
3 X Pur Xarel-lo 2017   one the estate’s longest-ageing white wines with fantastic intensity and ample elegance  




Comando G Cosecha Imports

Over the last 10 years, Fernando García and Dani Landi have tracked down ancient Spanish vineyards that were only legends, only whispered about in taverns or in the fields. They befriended local farmers in the Sierra de Gredos and earned their trust and respect.

They were drawn to the windswept and almost abandoned Sierra de Gredos terroir – high altitudes, freely draining soils, as well as a mild and relatively humid climate. Though not an easy terroir for winemaking, Daniel and Fernando wanted to explore to the mountainous terrain, determined to refine the area’s traditionally “workhorse” Garnacha grape into their own unique product.

 Each Comando G Mixed Pack at includes

2 X Uvas de La Ira 2018 - a serious and profound red, fresh and very fruit-driven, with spicy hints of pepper, mineral and faintly balsamic.

2 X La Bruja de Rozas 2018 - Comando's entry-level Garnacha with flavours of blackcurrent, blackberries and red fruit mingling with subtle herbs and spice. 

2 X Rozas 1er Cru 2018 - a fresh, succulent juicy red fruit red, whose depth is balanced by bright minerality on the palate and firm tannins.




Joan D'Anguera Cosecha Imports

Located between the coastal range and the Ebro valley, Cellers Joan d’Anguera represents a more Mediterranean expression of the Spanish D.O. of Montsant. Joan and Josep D'Anguera produce remarkable and elegant expressions of Garnacha Syrah and Cariñena using biodynamic farming methods.
Moving away from the traditional Monsant style of commercialized  production with heavy extraction and alcohol they were inspired to make more delicate, floral wines in smaller batches that still have tremendous weight and power.
Each Joan D'Anguera Mixed Pack at $300 includes:
3 X Planella 2018 - a blend of 50% Cariñena, 45% Garnacha with notes of  fresh red berries, Asian spices and anise balanced with good minerality and acidity
3X Finca L'Argata 2017 - a  fleshy and bold blend of 85% Garnacha and 15% Syrah with dusty tannins and a long, floral and spice-accented finish






Spain is the greatest winemaking region in the world, filled with diverse terroirs, fearless winemakers and gorgeous landscapes from coast to coast. Our Discover Spain Mixed Pack was designed to give you the experience of traveling to Spain from the comfort of your home. Every bottle from this mixed case tells a unique story of passion, place and history. 

Take a sip to España with Cosecha's Discover Spain mixed pack, featuring a choice of 6 or 12 bottles of the following wines...

Foxy Lady 2019 by Celler Comunica X Cosecha - a bright and zippy rosé you'll want to sip on all year long. 

Polar Boar 2019 by Celler Pardas X Cosecha - a crisp, delicious 100% Sumoll with glorious fruit and minerality at its core.

La Bruja de Rozas 2018 by Comando G - a jovial red made with 100% Garnacha  with expression of fresh, perfumed fruit, smoke and tobacco.  

Aucala Blanco 2017 by Serra & Barcelo - a fantastic textured Mediterranean white fruity and juicy white with the cut green apple and green melon spectrum.

Honor Cava Brut Seleccio by Celler Jan Vidal - a fresh and crisp sparkling blend of Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada with notes of quince, yellow apple, lime and almond

Petit Caus Blanco 2019 by Can Rafols dels Caus a luminous and vibrant white blend with lively acidity and perfect balance.

 Petita Julieta Negra 2019 by Mas Foraster - a fun and juicy summer red with aromas of red berries and slightly wild herbs

Petit Caus Rosat 2018 by Can Rafols dels Caus - a fresh and bright rosé made with a refreshing blend of Cabarnet Franc, Tempranillo, Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot

Sus Scrofa 2019 by Celler Pardas - a distinctive Sumoll with notes of Mediterranean herbs and refreshing salinity.


**wines included are subject to availability on the date of purchase. Mixed cases have a premium over buying full cases and not all selections are always readily available.**

 $175.00 / $350.00