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Cava Rosae 2014


$71.00 per bottle | $284.00 case of 4

(plus taxes & bottle deposit)

Starting with the same rosé that is used in their stunning Cava Martinez Rosé, the team at Rimarts does something extraordinary: teaming up with the experts at the Carpier smokehouse near Areny del Munt, Rimarts introduces fine smoke when the wine is aging in barrel.

The result is one of the most unique sparkling wines produced not just in Spain, but anywhere in the world!

Attractive pale and soft salmon pink in colour, the fine, persistent bubbles form a dense crown. Fresh and highly complex aromas with smoky tones present a subtle nose and red fruit finish. The palate is balanced, broad, savoury, rich and elegant. Its evolution in the glass shows varietal character, ending with a very long and elegant finish.

This is a dynamic Cava, which challenges the drinker. Although it can be consumed on its own, it really does demand food to bring out its full enjoyment.

When paired with an excellent accompaniment, Cava Rosae is a revelation!

Alcohol: 11.5%