Zorah Wines

Karasi 2017 Magnum 1.5L


$137.00 single bottle | $411.00 case of 3

Karasi (translating to “vat”) is a medium bodied red made from key local varietal Areni Noir, considered the king of Armenia’s grapes, and possibly one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. Never grafted and on its own roots, Areni Noir is 100% indigenous to Armenia with a unique DNA profile that does not match that of any other grape.

Elegant and fresh, thick skinned and extremely resistant to disease, Areni has adapted well to the high altitudes and extreme temperature varieties of Vayots Dzor, its natural habitat. The vineyard is located 1400 meters above sea level.  The wine is aged initially in rough concrete vats, and fermented exclusively with indigenous yeast, followed by around 12-month of aging in clay amphorae.  After light filter action, the wine is bottle aged for around 6 months.  

Alcohol 14%