La Pretension 2021


Light-skin-maceration of 100% Moscatel from old vines in Pago Miraflores in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (where Manzanilla is from) planted in sandy soils and only 12% abv. La Pretension 2022 compared to 2021 is a fresher and more mineral wine without compromising the texture of 2021. Wildly aromatic!

Manual harvest in several passes, fermentation with skins and 100% stems in order to develop a more moderate extraction than in 2021, the entire bunches spend a week under carbonic fermentation in a tank under a curtain of dry ice. The tank is emptied and the bunches are transferred to open 1000 liter ‘mastelone’ vats.

The clusters are lightly trodden on foot and the must is cooled quickly to avoid rapid development of spontaneous yeasts and a potential rise in temperature. Gentle extraction, two 'pigeage' a day for fifteen minutes each and by hand. Press extraction of 60%. Maturation in 350 liter Cognac barrels with all its lees. There are three barrels and in all of them biological aging with a veil of flor.

This is a mineral-driven Muscat showing both citrus fruit and dense-meatiness of peach and apricot. Marked tension between acidity and sandy-granulated phenolic character.

A terroir wine where Moscatel transmits the salty- sandiness of the soil and region perfectly, making this tantalizing to drink with acidity that brings you back for sip
after sip.

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La Pretension 2021

Price: $$75.00