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Luis Anxo Rodriguez Mixed Pack

Humble, focused and passionate - Luis Anxo Rodriguez knows the Ribeiro winemaking region better than just about anyone. He has been quietly crafting show-stopping natural wines around the town of Arnoia since 1988.
His mission is to showcase the enormous potential of native grape varieties such as Treixadura, Lado, Ferrol, Caiño Longo, Caiño Redondo, and Brancellao. His wines are muscular, yet ethereal and elegant, with great intensity of flavour. 
Each Luis Anxo Rodriguez mixed pack includes..

2 x A Torna Dos Pasas 2017 - a delicate and fresh blend of Brancellao, Caiño and Ferrol. Very complex both on the nose and on the palate. This red stands out for its balance between fresh red fruits, balsamic notes and a mineral background.

2 x Viña de Martin Os Pasás 2018 - a light and fresh blend of mostly Treixadura with Lado, Albariño, and Torrontes.  Beautiful structure and subtle flavours of citrus, honey, and seashell minerality. 

1 X A Teixa 2017 a single-vineyard white blend of mostly Treixadura, Godello and Albariño. Aromatic, lush, and textured with notes of honeysuckle and sea salt – a lovely and quite serious vino branco. 

1 X Viña de Martin Escolma Ribeiro 2015 - a white blend of Treixadura, Albariño, Torrontés and Lado, sourced from very old vines that produce very limited yields. A mature, powerful and mineral wine, with great balance between freshness and maturity.