Zorah Wines

Voski 2018


$58.00 single bottle | $348.00 case of 6 

($393.00 after 13% HST)

Voski (translating to “gold’) is made from blend of Voskeat and Garandmak grapes. Voskeat is considered the queen of Armenia’s grapes. It’s a delicate golden coloured grape with small, relatively thin-skinned berries.  Garandmak is a much hardier variety, greenish yellow in colour with larger, thicker-skinned berries.

The grapes come from carefully selected ancient ungrafted vineyards at 1400 meters above sea level.  Although both grape varieties are present throughout Armenia, the exceptional terroir of Vayots Dzor, with its high altitude, rocky and sandy soils, elevated daytime temperatures contrasting with cool nights, yield distinctly balanced fruit.

Fermentation occurs in large, temperature controlled concrete vats, using only natural yeasts. Aging continues for up to a year, with another 6 months in bottles. Voski is described as a spritzy but quite complex, layered, medium to full bodied white wine, with fruits and flowers, elegant, mineral and with a long finish. 

Alcohol 13%