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Our Story

In the 1980's, the Spanish wine industry had lost its way. Favouring large-scale commercial production, farmers sold their harvest to cooperatives and big business. Native and indigenous Spanish grape varietals were uprooted in favour of international grapes like Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Extensive oak treatment with a one-size-fits all approach. The result? Heavy, one-dimensional wines that did not express the nuances of the Spanish terroir and tradition.  


In 2007, Cosecha founder Jason Axmith began meeting some of Spain's producers, who first became friends and now our extended family who we still import from today. Cosecha, we should add, is the Spanish word for harvest. Scouring the Spanish countryside, we began discovering artisanal winemakers who had recovered the low-intervention, traditional winemaking practices of their grandparents’ generation.


These men and women had restored ancient vineyards and rediscovered traditional grape varietals, creating beautiful, intricate wines with a respectful, no-fuss approach. Gorgeous acidity and well-integrated alcohol levels leading to beautiful nuanced wines.


These farmers and winemakers wanted to know how to bring their wines directly to market, which led to the birth of our agency Cosecha Imports in 2015. By working closely with and importing wines directly from our producers into Canada, our products have 100% traceability. We visit our producers throughout the year, assuring absolute quality. Every wine, cuvée and vintage has been touched by the Cosecha team either at harvest, blending or bottling. 


Over the past few years we have even started to collaborate with many to create wines for sale in Canada exclusively. Purchasing wine from Cosecha Imports is no different than buying your fresh produce directly from the farmer’s market, fish monger or butcher that raises their own cattle. Bringing Cosecha wine home, you are assured the very best of sustainable farming, minimal intervention and low use of sulphites.  We now work with over 25 producers, proudly bringing the best wines of Spain to the Canadian market and providing meaningful work for traditional farmers old and young. In essence it is a virtuous circle of farming, wine production and importation brought directly to your table.


Just like how the British invasion of music was deeply rooted in the past, a new generation of Spanish winemaking is here. Cosecha Imports is the agency to bring it to your table. 


As part of the evolution of Cosecha and in keeping with our focus on unique and pioneering winemakers, in 2018 we expanded our footprint to add the rising star Bourgoin Cognac to our portfolio.  In 2019 we added the iconic Armenian winery Zorah to our roster. Zorah was chosen as top 100 winery in the world by Wine & Spirits magazine in 2019. All of our non-Spanish wines will be handled through our upcoming brand Cosecha International.   


We deliver within 24-48 hours based on availability and have a 100% guarantee on your purchase. Cosecha Imports has offices in Barcelona, Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston. We look forward to sharing the best wines of Spain and beyond with you.