Our Story

Did you know “Cosecha” is the Spanish word for harvest? 

 In 2007 our founder and president Jason Axmith began meeting small-scale winemakers in Spain, who he befriended and are now an extended family from whom we still import today. 

Scouring the Spanish countryside, Jason discovered artisanal winemakers who had recovered the low-intervention, traditional winemaking practices of their grandparents’ generation.

These men and women had restored ancient vineyards and rediscovered traditional grape varietals, creating beautiful and intricate wines with a respectful and ethical approach. The wines featured gorgeous acidity and well-integrated alcohol levels leading to ethereal, nuanced flavours.

These farmers and winemakers wanted to know how to bring their wines directly to market, which led to the birth of our agency Cosecha Imports in 2015. 

Purchasing wine from Cosecha Imports is no different than buying your fresh produce directly from the farmer’s market, fish monger or butcher who raises their own cattle. 

Bringing our wines home, you are assured to be drinking ethically-produced, organic wine made with the very best of sustainable farming, minimal intervention and low use of sulphites. 

We now work with over 25 producers around Europe, proudly bringing the best wines of Spain and beyond to the Canadian market and providing meaningful work for traditional farmers old and young.

Over the last few years, we have started to make collaborative wines with our producers for sale in Canada exclusively, which have received an immensely positive market response. 

Just like how the British invasion of music was deeply rooted in the past, a new generation of less-is-more winemaking is here and Cosecha Imports is the agency to bring it to your table.

We deliver throughout Ontario within 24-48 hours based on availability and have a 100% quality guarantee on your purchase.

Cosecha Imports has offices in Barcelona, Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston. We look forward to sharing the best wines of Europe and beyond with you.