Doniene Gorrondona

The Doniene Gorrondona winery is a story of the evolution of a traditional farm into a boutique coastal winery.

The winery is in the coastal town of Bakio, a locality considered as the birthplace of txakolina wine in Basque Country. Its ideal location on the shores of the Bay of Biscay, protected by west-facing hill-sides, has given the grapes from these vineyards a pronounced personality throughout the years.

Their aim has always been to reinterpret tradition, understand the nature around them and find new ways to express their landscape through wine.

Andoni, Egoitz, Itziar and Julen are the winery owners. They found abandoned vineyards in Bakio and immersed themselves in recovering the local grapes and wines. 

Nowdays, Doniene Gorrondona Txakolina has 15 hectares (ha) of vineyard, owned and leased, in production. Its vineyards are located on the midday-oriented slopes in Bakio. They grow on estates with a variety of soils thar are between 0 and 250 metres above sea level.

Since its inception, Doniene Gorrondona has always striven to be a sustainable project, working with the utmost respect for the environment.

They believe the friendlier they are with nature, the higher quality fruits it will bear for them. This means their work process is led by the following principles: use of cork from certified farms instead of the chemically treated ones, the recovery of 15% of cardboard, and the selection of barrels from cooperages with certificates of forest sustainability.

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