L'Enclos de Peralba

"We don’t think that price is the future, rather we are trying to share a philosophy, a culture, and put it in a bottle. This is what Champagne has done, and it’s what we want to do with Penedès landscapes and culture."
-Roc Gramona, L'Enclos de Peralba Vigneron
We recently started working with with Roc Gramona and his cousin Leo of L'Enclos de Peralba, the energetic next generation of renowned sparkling wine producer Gramona.
Leo explains, "We had our own ideas at Gramona, but with a company like this with a lot of history and trajectory, it is not easy to change. So we started scouting for some of the vineyards we thought had potential for still wine."
L'Enclos de Peralba gives Roc and Leo the freedom to experiment outside the family business, and focus on single parcels of local varieties. They aim to create wines that truly showcase the potential of  Penedès by practicing old pruning styles, classifying vineyards, and working with local grapes.
Taste the purity and clarity of these fascinating wines that express the micro-terroir of Penedès. 
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