Basa Lore

Visiting the Basa Lore winery in Zarautz is like traveling back in time to an era where Txakoli - a slightly sparkling, high-acid wine from Spanish Basque Country - was produced in the family farmhouses. Zarautz, right on the edge of the ocean is next to San Sebastian and 30 minutes away from the border of France.

Basa Lore means ‘Flor del Bosque’ in Spanish that shows the bubbling and green tones of the Txakoli when it goes into the glass. In 1925 the oak trees surrounding the Basa Lore house were uprooted and and vines were planted instead. So, wine has been produced here since 1930.

Traditions have been preserved ever since: pergola-trained vines, indigenous grape varieties (Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza) and their signature spritzy touch in the wines. 

Basa Lore Winery has produced excellent quality Txakoli by combining modern and innovative techniques and machinery with traditional methods. 

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