4Kilos Vinicola

Humble beginnings are part of the 4Kilos origin story. A “kilo” is old Spanish slang for one million Pesetas, Spain’s former currency. 4Kilos founders Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Cabellero’s investment of 4 million Pesetas (the equivalent of $35,000 Canadian dollars, modest for the industry) birthed this renowned winery.

With limited resources and excellent grapes, they produced their first wine on the stunning island of Mallorca with the help of an older grapegrower, fermenting the wine in old milk refrigeration units. Officially launching in 2007, they converted a former sheep farm into what is now the 4Kilos winery. 

Francesc is a gifted winemaker and former partner of Mallorca’s Ànima Negra winery. Sergio is a musician and founding partner of Sónar Barcelona, an avant-garde electronic music and arts festival. Together they are unstoppable, effortlessly expressing the beauty of Mallorcan grapes under an ultra-slick brand. 

 4Kilos isn’t bound by any particular D.O., with vineyards located around northern and southern Mallorca. Their philosophy focuses on varietal quality paired with the combination of strain, soil, climate and growth - operating with an unwavering respect for the natural environment. 

They grow Callet, Cabernet Sauvignon, French Fogoneu, Merlot, Monastrell and Syrah using organic and biodynamic methods. Grapes are planted in Cal Vermell soils, a popular name to describe Franco clay soils. 

We had the privilege of creating a custom wine with Francesc and Sergio, an old-vine Manto Negro aptly named Island Tundra. Working together closely and hand-harvesting the grapes, Cosecha and 4Kilos created a Spanish wine made with Canadian muscle!  



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