4Kilos Vinicola

The origins of  4Kilos Vinicola are humble. A “kilo” is old Spanish slang for one million Pesetas, the former Spanish currency. The 4Kilos name comes from founders Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero’s small initial investment of 4 million Pesetas. The two converted an old Mallorcan sheep farm into their winery, vinifying their first bottles in an old milk refrigerator.

Francesc is a former Anima Negra winemaker and Sergio Caballero is a musician and founding partner of Barcelona’s Sonar Music Festival. The two founded 4Kilos in 2006, leveraging their small initial investment and innovative winemaking practices to produce vintages that elegantly express the strength and complexity of Mallorcan grapes. The vineyards are planted in different parts of the north and south of Mallorca, celebrating variety and not being confined to a single DO.

Francesc has a special place in his heart for the Amadip Esment Foundation which works with children and young people with special needs. Francesc had the brilliant idea of involving the the Amadip Esment children in the winemaking process. Nowadays, the kids help with grape growing, making the wine and even designing 4Kilos’ memorable labels, reflecting the winery’s fun and playful personality. What’s more, all net profits from 4Kilos are donated to Amadip Esment.

Francesc and the team at 4 Kilos have agreed to allow the Cosecha team to make their first barrel of Manto Negro with them. We are thrilled to have brought this very special wine to market in Fall 2019.