Warmer nights, longer dinners

    Refreshing Spanish wines poured in the world's best restaurants. Shipped by the case across Ontario.

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    Award Winning, Rare Wines

    Award Winning, Rare Wines

    Our wines are celebrated around the world, have been covered in The New York Times and Forbes have earned multiple 100 Robert Parker point scores.

    These are coveted, small-batch wines that can be enjoyed today or aged to perfection in your cellar.

    We don't just import these wines, we also produce wines with select winemakers in our portfolio.

    Hands On Approach

    Hands On Approach

    Each wine in the Cosecha portfolio has been touched by a member of our team either at harvest, blending or bottling. 

    Visiting our producers throughout the year, we maintain top quality and traceability in every bottle we import.

    Selective With Who We Work With

    Selective With Who We Work With

    All Cosecha producers work with grape varieties indigenous to their region.

    They use little oak and intervene minimally with low sulphites in the winemaking process.

    Our producers farm their grapes organically or biodynamically.

    Finally, our winemakers don't overly extract or create high-alcohol wines.

    Always operating with these values in mind, Cosecha’s portfolio reflects our guiding philosophy of minimal intervention and pure expression of grape and land.

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