Casa Castillo

In the sun-drenched landscapes of Jumilla in southeastern Spain, the land gets 300 days of sunshine and little-to-no rain. It’s an unlikely place for fantastic wines to come from, but the vintages produced by Casa Castillo continue to defy the odds.
José María Vicente is a third-generation owner and operator of the Casa Castillo winery. When his grandfather bought the estate in 1941, the property had an existing winery, cellar and a few scattered vineyards on the land, originally built by French settlers dating back to 1870.
José Maria and his family have been working on their estate since 1991, raising the profile of the Jumilla winemaking region with their product. Together they have worked old-vine Monastrell and Grenache into brilliant vintages produced with excellence. 
What’s really special about José is that after 30 years, he’s really coming into the sweetest point of his winemaking career, creating his best wines to date. 
José has mentored many producers in our portfolio.
 Envinate, Javi Revert of La Comarcal and Comando G have all worked many vintages alongside him. He’s even earned the nickname “Patrón” in the industry and is an icon of sorts to younger winemakers.  

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