Casa Castillo

In the sun-drenched DO of Jumilla, the land gets 300 days of sunshine and little-to-no rain. It’s an unlikely place for fantastic wines to come from, but the vintages produced by Casa Castillo continue to defy the odds.

José María Vicente is a third-generation owner and operator of the Casa Castillo winery. When his grandfather purchased the estate in 1941, there was an existing winery, cellar and a few scattered vineyards on the land, originally built by French settlers dating back to 1870.

José and his father began to replant the vineyards in 1985 and expanded them with the goal of making wine on the property. In 1991 they bottled their first commercial vintage. They chose the indigenous Monastrell grape t o be their primary variety, as it had adapted to thrive in the hot, dry conditions of Jumilla.