Alella Vinicola

A stunning modernist winery designed by Antoni Gaudi's disciple Jeroni Martorell is the home of Alella Vinocola, founded over 100 years ago in the heart of D.O. Alella, just 15 kilometres from Barcelona. 

The vineyards are nestled on the slopes of the coastal Cordillera, all facing the sea. For over a hundred years the family has produced wines with the distinct style of the D.O. with indigenous grapes Pansa Blanca and Grenache Blanc. Recovering old vines that had once nearly all been forgotten, they create sweet, generous wines that are reinventing the area.

Marfil has been the winery’s flagship wine since the 1920s. Throughout the 20th century it has been one of Barcelona’s most iconic white wines, exported worldwide.

Both in the winery and in the vineyard, Alella is committed to minimizing the harmful environmental effects generated by any company that produces food products. Using sustainable and organic practices, they work to close the carbon and nitrogen cycle by properly returning the by-products generated in the winery to the vineyard.

For 20 years, all the grapes used at the Alella winery have been free of synthetic products. Owners let the wild plants and herbs grow to retain the sand with the roots and to prevent them from rotting, enriching the soil with nutrients. 

No chemicals whatsoever are used in their grape growing. They minimize the use of non-renewable energy and water with solid practices in the winery and in the vineyard and by using fully recyclable supplies. 

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