Alella Vinicola

Welcome to Alella Vinocola, where old traditions blend harmoniously with modernity in a breathtaking winery crafted by Jeroni Martorell, a disciple of Antoni Gaudi. Located in the heart of D.O. Alella, a mere 15km from Barcelona, this family-owned gem radiates the cool sea breeze in every sip.

D.O. Alella is renowned for its exquisite Cava, and Alella Vinocola's méthode traditionelle sparkling wines showcase the vibrant flavors that perfectly complement the indigenous Pansa Blanca grape.

Nestled on the coastal Cordillera slopes, their vineyards bask in the sea's gentle caress. With over a century of expertise, the family has revived forgotten vines, creating unique and generous wines that redefine the region.

The iconic Marfil, a beloved white wine, has captivated Barcelona and beyond since the 1920s.

Committed to sustainability, Alella Vinocola strives to minimize their environmental impact. From organic practices to recycling and renewable energy, they cherish the land that nurtures their grapes.

Join their eco-friendly journey and indulge in the timeless flavors crafted by Alella Vinocola—a testament to their passion for wine, nature, and tradition.


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