Mas Candí

Four young grape growers with backgrounds in viticulture and oenology joined forces in 2006 to create their own wines as the boutique winery Mas Candí. Mas Candí is the brainchild of Ramon Jané, Mercè Cuscó, Toni Carbó, and Ana Serra—a group of young growers deeply respected throughout their home regions.

Mas Candí is located in Les Gunyoles d’Avinyonet, nestled at the gates of northeastern Spain’s Garraf Natural Park in the Penedès region.

They operate their boutique winery in complete harmony with the landscape, working with indigenous varieties and recovering old Catalan grapes, which had almost gone extinct. 

Mas Candí broke with tradition in the Penedès region, where nearly all grape growers would sell their fruit to massive Cava houses in order to survive. In 2006, they shifted to organic farming in their old-vine vineyards inherited from their grandparents, forgoing all chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the vines.  

They seek the same natural balance in the vineyard as one would find in a forest, where trees grow and thrive without the need for chemicals.  They simply feed on the soil transformed by unique microorganisms.

Their philosophy focuses on gentle, manual handling of grapes throughout the entire harvest-to-bottling process. Harvest is done manually, with a careful selection of grapes in the vineyard collected in small 15 kg crates.

They seek to bring the sparkling wines of the Penedès region to an elevated, more personal place, while also producing exceptional still red and white wines.

Candí is simultaneously making its mark in the world of low-intervention wine, while also paying homage to the region’s heritage through soulful renditions of Cava—which they now label under the new, important appellation of Corpinnat.  

Mas Candí is inspiring many farmers and young people to explore the possibility of producing organically farmed wines of exceptional quality from their own vineyards: it’s a shift that could change the fate of grape growers all over Catalonia.

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