Envínate, which means ‘Wine Yourself!’ is a Spanish winemaking collaborative founded by four friends hailing from four different regions of Spain. 
The gang of four met studying enology in Alicante.
After graduating, they formed a wine consulting business to find lost, old vineyards and indigenous grapes and start producing wines from these ancient and forgotten lands. 
They founded Envínate with a mission: to create wines that break the mold, capturing the essence of Spain's varied terroirs and the allure of its Atlantic shores.
Envínate has evolved into a unicorn winery, producing renowned wines people talk and write about but can rarely find or buy. 
It’s easy to focus on the passionate and diligent people behind Envínate, but that would miss the point of what they do. More than anything else, Envínate is an attempt to express a place and a time through wine. 
The aim has been no chemicals, handwork, and indigenous yeast only. The end product has been incredible, and the global wine world has latched on. 
Now the wines are in high demand but very little is produced. We're proud to be the exclusive Ontario importer of their wines.  

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