Bodegas Albamar

Meet Xurxo Alba and his family, whose deep connection to the land runs through their veins. For them, working the earth is not just a pastime or a business—it's a way of life, a priceless lifestyle that money can never buy.
Nestled by the mighty Atlantic, their winery and two hectares of land in Cambados, Galicia, embody their down-to-earth values. Here, the River Umia meets the ocean, creating a natural symphony that permeates the wines they create. 
Xurxo, the face of Albamar since 2006, carries on his father Luis's legacy. Luis planted the Albariño vines long ago, when Xurxo was a child. Luis dedicated himself to crafting unpretentious wines in the family's furancho—a local restaurant run by Xurxo's wife Isabel, where locals indulge in the region's homemade delights.
With boundless energy and a passion for excellence, Xurxo refines his father's wines into stunning Atlantic vintages. He embraces organic and biodynamic farming, using native yeasts and minimal sulfur to capture Cambados's signature acidity.
Albamar is among the region's select wineries using natural yeasts, creating Albariños with unrivaled depth and complexity. Welcome to Albamar, where tradition and innovation unite, and each sip speaks of the untamed Atlantic and the family's unwavering devotion to their craft.




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