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Barco del Corneta

Winemaker Beatriz Herranz makes two delicious wines from organically farmed Verdejo vines, on land inherited by her mother.

The vineyards are in the Rueda D.O., however they don't work within the appellation, as their approach to viticulture and winemaking is opposite of Rueda's industrial reputation. Beatriz is also recuperating some 100+ year-old vines on original rootstock in a neighbouring village, so we can expect more excellent wines from Barca del Corneta!

Located in Cantarranas, in the area of Valladolid called la Seca, it is a perfect location due to its land of siliceous sand and pebbles, with a layer of clay and subsoil, as well as limestone in its deepest layers.

With a particular interest in the Verdejo grape (which in Beatriz's hands is rather like Sauvignon Blanc on steroids), Barco del Corneta works organically and treats a proportion of the grapes to fermentation in French oak.

Beatriz demonstrates in her wines just how impressive Verdejo can be, while still remaining versatile enough to enjoy as an aperitif or with light summery food.