Barco del Corneta

 Beatriz and Félix opened our eyes to the beauty of Verdejo. These two are childhood friends who put a shovel in the ground along with a few trusted others in the town of La Seca in D.O. Rueda. 

Béatriz’ grandfather has a rich history in La Seca dating back to the Spanish civil war. Along with Béatriz mum, Maria Antonia - who is the soul of Barco del Corneta in many ways - Béa and Félix are fighting  for the authentic expression of the Verdejo grape in Spain and abroad. 
Their goal? Change minds around the world about what the Verdejo grape and Rueda region are capable of.  
Historically, Rueda is a place where industrial, commercial wines were made. Old-vine, goblet trained vines. Many pre-phylloxera.  Barco del Corneta is changing this narrative with their small-batch, organically farmed, low-intervention wines.
A young project with small beginning, she’s bought plots of old vines in nearby villages to make three single-vineyard cuvées, Viura (another word for Macabello), Verdejo and Palomino (also known as Listan). 



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