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Young entrepreneur Danilo Scenna founded D.S. bioback in 2012. Danilo has always felt a strong bond with the tradition of his territory and this is completely reflected in his company. 

The first aim of his project is to grow grape vines in a sustainable way combining tradition and innovation in a harmonious way using modern technology with and the agricultural practices and experience of local farmers.

This high-quality wine is made exclusively from biodynamic grapes whilst respecting the environment and the local area.

The farm is located at 630 meters above sea level in the district of Pescosolido (FR), where soil and weather conditions (including the convergence of winds from the Valley of Roveto and from Lazio’s Abruzzo National Park), shelter provided by mountains to the north, south-facing land exposure, altitude, steeply inclined fields and loose soil rich in sandstone, calcium and stones create a unique environment for viticulture.

Biodiversity plays a key role in the farm’s philosophy: the vineyards are spread out over several kilometres of land in small plots surrounded by hundred-year-old olive groves and forests of oak trees.

Since the beginning, the farm has chosen to focus on cultivating indigenous grape varieties that have been grown in this region for centuries. In particular, the farm grows white Maturano and Lecinaro grapes, whose genetic heritages have been saved from extinction thanks to the diligence of local farmers.

The wines of these vineyards express the full minerality of this region’s soil, due to the intense metabolic exchange between the vineyards and the mineral-rich terrain.

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