A Contra Luz


100% Palomino Fino from 2 different vineyard sites. Manual harvest of Palomino from the "Gurugú vineyard" in Pago Miraflores (Clone 84) and Palomino from the "Santa Genoveva" vineyard in Pago Carrascal Jerez (Clon Palomino de Jerez).

Personal Note: "The DNA of this wine is fruit, fruit and salinity. This wine is the answer to all those who claim that the Palomino as a variety is neutral. This wine demonstrates how two vineyards of Palomino with traditional 'massal' selections and low yield can produce wines with a great fruit load and complexity. The stone fruit character of peach and apricot denot the personality of clone 84. It is a voluptuous and very fresh wine with sparkles of orange marmalade and violets from aging in Cognac barrels.

It is a gastronomic wine with a sharp saline edge. In contrast to ‘Destellos’ which has a more classic cut, here I am looking for precision and purity more in line with a wine from the new world wine like Australia or New Zealand." - Raul Moreno

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