El Proposito 2021


An orange wine with short skin maceration of Palomino Fino from centenary vineyards of Clone 84 in the upper part of Pago Miraflores in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Low yields of just 4000 kg per hectare.

Fermentation in open 1000 liter 'mastelone' vats. Light treading of whole bunches without destemming. Short but frequent hand extractions for ten minutes several times a day. After a week of maceration, the must and the clusters are pressed in a vertical press and the must, still with sugar to be fermented, finishes the fermentation in a 1000-liter manzanilla barrel.

It is very important for the integration of the wood that there is some conversion of sugars in the barrel. Otherwise the wood would sit dry and heavy in the wine. The wine is aged under a veil of flor in the barrel for ten months.

A veil of the genus 'Saccharomyces Beticus' is enhanced, which gives the wine a greater reduction and sharper cut to the wine since it consumes more glycerol than the flor yeasts 'Montuliensis' most common in the area of Jerez. It is an energetic and powerful "vino de pasto" with a marked floral veil character.

In 2022 Raul sought denser extraction in line with a Georgian amber wine with short maceration. The 2022 purpose is a deep, saline, spicy and very complex wine.

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El Proposito 2021

Price: $$75.00