Cosecha Imports Presents: Envínate - Ribeira Sacra

The time we spent with Alfonso Torrente, 1/4 of Envínate in their ethereal Ribeira Sacra plots was incredibly special, something akin to a mythical experience.

Get a glimpse into the passion and challenges that face people behind Envínate as they work the grapes and battle climate to produce such special wines.

Amongst the mist and lush green, Alfonso told us stories of these ancient lands with a winemaking history that dates back to Roman times.

Mind bogglingly beautiful, steep and treacherous, this region is a difficult one to grow grapes in. The task is made much harder by climate change and draught. 

That hardness hits home as Alfonso describes how there will be no Camino Nova in 2023 because of a great storm.

The meticulous efforts of Alfonso and his team have resulted in wines that are both covetedand celebrated around the world. High altitudes, indigenous grapes, mineral-rich soils and minimal intervention winemaking allow these wines to sing in the glass.

Every Galician wine in the Envínate portfolio tells a captivating story of this spiritual place and its rich history.

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