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Wine Grape Harvest 2020 with Cosecha Imports

Wine Grape Harvest 2020 with Cosecha Imports

Grape harvest is one of the most magical times of the winemaking season. Hand-picking the grapes, connecting with our producers, the terroir and growing the Cosecha community year after year makes the entire harvest experience so memorable.

Whether its waking up at dawn, driving with our producers through their gorgeous vineyards or laughing at our grape-stained clothes and hands at the end of it all - we wouldn't trade the harvest experience for the world. 

We're proud to have built such close and meaningful friendships with our producers, they have allowed us to make our own Cosecha series of wines with them and along the way, guaranteeing a little bit of Cosecha in every bottle we import into Ontario. 

Enjoy our Harvest 2020 photo and video diary!    

Wine Grape Harvest 2020 with Celler Pardas 

We joined our dear friends and Celler Pardas producers Jordi Annan and Ramon Parera and their team at the Can Comas estate - an ancient medieval farmhouse in the Penedés region of Catalonia that the pair converted into a winemaking facility. 

Cosecha Imports is releasing a collaboration wine with Celler Pardas coming to market this fall!  Polar Boar 2019 is made with 100% old vine Sumoll grapes grown on slate soil near the holy mountain Montserrat only 40 minutes from Barcelona.

Polar Boar is a super bright, serious Vin du Soif - like Cru Beaujolais. Polar Boar is a crisp, delicious red with glorious fruit and minerality at its core. Ideal for all occasions and guaranteed to bring joy to any table! 

Celler Pardas Harvest 2020 Cosecha ImportsRamon and the beloved Pardas pooch, Mitjons savouring some afternoon wine.


Celler Pardas Grape Harvest Cosecha ImportsSorting through the grapes assures the best quality...

 Grape Harvest 2020 Celler Pardas Cosecha Imports
The Celler Pardas team working the fields

Celler Pardas Harvest 2020 Cosecha Imports
Mitijons snuggling up with a bottle of Polar Boar 2019, the Cosecha & Pardas collaboration wine coming to market this fall!


Celler Pardas Pur Xarelo Cosecha Imports


Xarel-lo 2017 is made from 100% Xarel-lo grapes . There is a fantastic intensity to the nose. Reflecting the landscape of the property, strong rosemary, fennel, white truffle, liquorice and subtle bay leaf are evident. In the mouth, the wine delivers ample weight, yet elegance. Ripe stone fruit, sesame and ginger is balanced by persistent minerality and acidity. The finish continues with liquorice and an intriguing bitterness.

$41.50 single bottle / $249.00 case of 6 

Made with 100% old vine Sumoll grapes, Polar Boar is our collaboration wine with Celler Pardas grown on slate soil near the holy mountain of Montserrat only 40 minutes away from Barcelona.
The younger sibling to the iconic Sus Scrofa cuvée, Polar Boar is a luminous Vin du Soif à la Cru Beaujolais. It's a crisp, delicious red with glorious fruit and minerality at its core. Ideal for all occasions and food pairings and guaranteed to bring joy to any table. 
$23.00 single bottle / $276.00 case of 12

Wine Grape Harvest 2020 with Celler Comunica

Celler Comunica Grape Harvest 2020 Cosecha Imports
Winemaker Pep Aguilar gathering the day's grapes off of the harvest truck
Celler Comunica Grape Harvest 2020 Cosecha Imports
Beautiful rose-coloured Syrah grapes used to make Foxy Lady, our collab wine with Celler Comunica coming to market this fall!
Celler Comunica Foxy Lady Cosecha Imports
Foxy Lady 2019 - our collaboration wine with Celler Comunica arriving to market this fall! This foxy wine is a direct press so its beautiful rose colour is from the grape as opposed to contact with the skins. Perfect for summer get-togethers, you'll want to try this juicy and delicious Spanish wine made with Canadian muscle.
$21.00 single bottle / $252.00 case of 12
Comunica Celler Comunica Cosecha Imports
Comunica 2016 is a blend of Grenache aka Garnacha, Carignan and Shiraz aka Syrah grapes. Fresh and fruity with complex scents of flowers and violets, Mediterranean herbs and a hint of vegetal notes.  Dry, soft-textured and very approachable with bundles of red fruit and subtle mineral tones. Soft tannins with a clean fresh finish. 
$30.00 single bottle / $360.00 case of 12

Wine Grape Harvest 2020 with 4Kilos Vinicola 

We had a ball at Harvest 2020 with our brother in the vines and dear friend Francesc Grimalt and the 4Kilos team in gorgeous Felanitx Mallorca, Spain.

We’re bringing in the grapes for our next Manto Negro collaboration wine with 4Kilos...not sure what we’re going to call yet it but it’s going to be fantástico !

4Kilos Wine Grape Harvest 2020 Cosecha ImportsFrancesc getting down and dirty with the wine grapes (he's got pants on not to worry!)

4Kilos Vinicola Wine Grape Harvest 2020
The Cosecha family and 4Kilos family breaking bread after a long day of harvesting

4Kilos Vinicola Wine Grape Harvest 2020 Cosecha Imports
The fruits of our labour at 4Kilos Harvest!


4Kilos 2016 is the poster-child Mallorca wine, 100% Callet-Fogoneu… has hand picked grapes, exposed to wild, natural yeasts and aged in 600L French oak. The wine is cherry in colour with a hint of purpled at the rim. The high intensity nose smells of raspberry, forest berries, dark Mediterranean scrub and a hint of saline.
The palate has a savory, fruit flavour, marked by a pleasant woodsiness and hints of herbs.
$75.50 single bottle/$453.00 case of 6
This red blend of Callet y Fogneu, Cabertnet and Merlot has excellent balance and freshness. The beguiling 12 Volts shows ripe red fruits on the nose. On the palate, freshness shines through, creating an elegant, juicy finish that leaves you wanting more.
$45.00 single bottle / $270.00 case of 6

Wine Grape Harvest 2020 with Josep Foraster

Smack in the centre of Montblanc, Spain in the Conca de Barbera denominacion de origin Ricard Foraster of Josep Foraster holds true to a century of viticulture and tradition. 

All Josep Foraster wines are made with varieties grown on the estate and farmed using organic and sustainable viticultural methods. We loved working harvest with Ricard and the Josep Foraster team!

Mas Foraster Wine Grape Harvest 2020 Cosecha ImportsArriving at Montblanc, Spain


Mas Foraster Wine Grape Harvest 2020 Cosecha Imports
Beautiful vineyards at the Josep Foraster winery

Mas Foraster Harvest 2020 Cosecha Imports 
With organic farming methods the grapes sometimes find friends!

Josep Foraster Trepat  2018 is a single-variety Trepat from the D.O. Conca de Barberà. On the nose intense, sweet and fresh notes of ripe red fruits, wild flowers, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and red berries. A fine taste in the mouth, complex and good acidity, soft tannins on the palate and light notes of red fruits. Notes of sour cherries and smoky notes, and liquorice.
$47.00 single bottle /$282.00 case of 6

Julieta is a tribute to Ricard Foraster's mother, with whom he manages the Mas Foraster winery. Julieta is made with 100% Trepat grapes, grown on the sunny slopes of the Sierra de Miramar on clay and limestone soils 520 metres above sea level. Light and fresh, Julieta 2018 conveys aromas of red fruit combined with spicy notes and a touch of undergrowth. Fresh, fruity and sweet on the palate with very soft tannins.

$40.00 single bottle / $240.00 case of 6

Wine Grape Harvest 2020 with Joan D'Anguera

The D’Anguera family has been on the same property with the same vineyard since 1820. Needless to say, they are experts of their craft.

We joined Joan and Josep d'Anguera in the stunning winemaking region of Montsant, Spain at the Joan D'Anguera winery.

Joan D'Anguera Harvest 2020 Cosecha ImportsAbsolutely stunning views at the Joan D'Anguera winery in Montsant, Spain


Joan D'Anguera Harvest 2020 Cosecha ImportsLamborghini started with tractors before car.......Who knew!

Joan D'Anguera Harvest 2020 Cosecha ImportsThe D'Anguera family and Cosecha family enjoying dinner (and wine of course)
 Joan D'Anguera Cosecha Imports Harvest 2020
Biodynamically farmed Garnacha grapes freshly harvested for Altaroses 2020!

Bright violet in colour, Planella  is truly Mediterranean in its profile. The fragrant nose expresses notes of strawberries and flowers with touches of fennel. On the palate, fresh red berries, Asian spices and anise are balanced with good minerality and acidity.

Bright and youthfully, the impressive finish provides lingering spiciness.This wine will put on weight with a few more years of bottle age but holds plenty of appeal for those who can’t wait.

$35.00 single bottle / $420.00 case of 12


Altaroses is  made from Grenache aka Garnacha grapes, grown in limestone and clay soils. The nose is that of fresh, wild strawberries, garrigue and toasted spices. Very expressive, it has mouth-watering acidity and soft, ripe red fruits coming through on the finish. Possessing an excellent balanced structure, there is a lively interplay of acidity, tannin, fruit and alcohol.

$35.00 single bottle / $420.00 case of 12


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10 Reasons to Give Artisanal Wine As Your Next Corporate Gift

10 Reasons to Give Artisanal Wine As Your Next Corporate Gift

Searching for an elegant way to show appreciation for your customers, reward your employees or delight your business associates?

Cosecha Imports offers a range of gift services and benefits to our corporate clients including:

  • Preferred pricing
  • Hand delivery to your door
  • Corporate Wine Club subscriptions
  • Online shopping options
  • Personal curation of wines
  • Wine tasting experiences in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond

We offer one of the widest and most interesting selections of artisanal wines in Ontario. If there is something special you're looking for that we don't carry in our portfolio, we can almost always find it for you. 

We have staff based in Canada and Europe and our team will provide personal attention and assistance for all of your corporate requests.

Need more reasons to choose Cosecha? Here are 10.

1. Rare and exclusive wine offerings

Cosecha Imports wines are a way to appreciate clients, employees and other businesses with wines they won't find anywhere else. The LCBO does not carry Cosecha wines, giving your gift a unique rarity and exclusive touch.

2. Personalized and customizable wine labels

Our team can customize our wine bottles with client-specific, employee-specific or company-branded labels. That extra touch of personalization makes a world of difference!

3. Artisanal wine is always a hit

People love drinking wine and enjoy generously spending on high-quality wines to gift to their loved ones, employees and colleagues. Your gift won't go unappreciated.

4. Personalized wine is two gifts in one

Handcrafted Cosecha wines are an unforgettable experience to drink and the personalized wine bottle is a fantastic memento to remember it by. Two gifts in one!

5. Handcrafted wines are great gifts for the picky  

Everyone knows that person who doesn't "need" anything, or that discerning colleague who really knows their stuff. But we all know that everyone appreciates great wine, especially wine with a story and community behind it.

6. Build your company image with artisanal wine

Develop a year-round gifting program with Cosecha that grows your company's image and reputation.

7. Wines with story make for great conversation

Each and every bottle of Cosecha Imports wine tells a story of passion, place and history. Every producer we work with has a rich and unique story to tell, making our wines fantastic talking points at a corporate event or get-together.

8. Build even stronger relationships

Personalized wine bottles are always an excellent gift idea. Pairing the exceptional quality of Cosecha wines with that added personal touch will take your relationship with your clients, associates or employees to the next level.

9. There are occasions to give wine year-round

Including the Holidays, other occasions to gift include corporate anniversaries, executive gifts, public relations events, company events or parties, promotional gifts, or retirement gifts.

10. Artisanal wines satisfy everyone!

Cosecha Imports wines are appealing to all walks of life. Whether your client loves light-bodied reds, your colleague wants a dazzling rosé or your business partner has been dying for an acidic and citrusy white wine, our portfolio accommodates all tastes.


In short, a corporate gift of handcrafted wine speaks to the individual you're gifting it to and creates an experience they wont find anywhere else.

Cosecha can manage any budget or project request and you can purchase a single wine or create a gift set of different wines.

Anything is possible! Reach out to our team at or message us on Instagram or Facebook to set up your corporate gift program with us.

No matter your choice, your gift recipient will be absolutely delighted. 


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Meet the Women Taking the Spanish Wine Industry by Storm

Meet the Women Taking the Spanish Wine Industry by Storm

We interviewed three phenomenal winemakers in our portfolio, Beatriz Herranz of Barco del Corneta, Meritxell Palleja of Meritxell Palleja, and Laura Ramos of Envínate, about their experiences as winery owners and as women working in the Spanish wine industry.

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